The employers know the best how important it is to have the right people in the right positions in order to run a successful business. Finding and selecting the right employee is not an easy task and is also a demanding one in terms of time and dedication.

Finding and selecting the right candidate for your job opening is what we do. Therefore, let us show you what we do best and we will provide the services you need.

Our services include finding the right candidate according to our client’s request and consultancy and intermediary services, but the client is always the one making the final decision on the candidate who will be hired.

We will agree on the profile of the candidate you are searching for and apply suitable selection methods in order to offer candidates whose profiles match your requirements for the position.

Advantages Of Using Our Services (Benefits Of Temporary Employment):

  1. We use our own candidate contact network and direct contact with selected candidates (headhunting)
  2. professional approach to choosing the candidates for the final selection (may include CV Selection, Video Selection, Skype Interviews, Skype Trade Testing and checking their skills Live and Physical Client Interview in Asia)
  3. Customized search for clients with specific requirements
  4. We are saving your time and resources for hiring workers as per your requirments.
  5. We offer a flexible way to meet your seasonal requirements or hire employees for specific projects (short-term or long-term employment) or substitute employees (sick leave, maternity leave, etc.)
  6. Experienced and Cheap workers (Specialist) Mostly experienced from Gulf (Dubai Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain) and Singapore
  7. English speaking workers
  8. Free replacement in case of emergency or termination if the worker does not perform the work.
  9. Minimum 10 months’ warranty period for workers working at the workplace.
  10. A supervisor as team leader will be provided for a group of 20 workers. The role of supervisor will be transferring of information from senior management to workers and the communication of their group's performance to the employer from time to time; it also resolves workers and problems and disputes, if any.
  11. Since Asian workers prefer Asian food, a cook will be provided for a group of 20 workers so that the workers after long hours of work do not have to cook their own food.
  12. Easy documentation for work permit and residency permit for workers in Romania through our Immigration Lawyer.
  13. In special cases, we take care of the accommodation for the Asian workers near the work place on payment.
  14. Uninterrupted performance and focusing on core activities

We Work on Commission, Which is Determined By Several Important Factors:

  1. Job profile
  2. Number of job openings
  3. duration of cooperation
  4. employment duration

We will discuss the possibility of cooperation between Kyaria Gola Solutions S.R.L and your company and find the best solution to our mutual satisfaction.